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Swag Junior on Marriage & Beyond

My son and I recently attended the Swag Junior “Revolution of Cool” Launch Party held in One Shangri-la Place. I love it when I see kids who love to dress up. It’s just fun to see them knowing what they want and confident in the way they style themselves, sometimes even without an adult’s help.

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Swag Junior on

As a mom, I delight in choosing clothes for, and dressing up, my kids. Gladly, they don’t rebel against my choices because (ahem…) am confident am fashion-conscious myself.

The rule is to stay on the safe side by choosing classics that will withstand trends and time. This is true with my eldest, a boy, who likes his shirts to be in black and white. The rule also applies to the twins who must stick with classic pieces since they still have to hand down the clothes to our youngest, Lucia. Common sense, isn’t it?

But as my kids are older now, I do feel they are expressing their individuality more and more.This is a totally different generation whose members relish the creative freedom of expression, especially in the realm of fashion.

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